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Individual Taxpayer Electronic Filing

Berkheimer Tax Innovations Welcome to Berkheimer Tax Innovations’s easy, safe and secure electronic tax filing, where individual taxpayers can e-file their Local Earned Income Tax Return and Individual Quarterly Return. Once your user account is created, you will have the ability to file multiple individual tax returns under the same user account (i.e. other family members, clients, etc).

To determine if you are eligible to file your Local Earned Income Tax Return online, click here.

Please note: If the result of your online filing indicates a balance due, a credit card payment or an electronic payment from your checking or savings account will be required at the time of submitting your return. For credit card payments there is a 2.5% processing fee charged by Official Payments Corporation for each transaction.

Please be advised that the automated calculations for online returns are based on general rules followed by most PSD's (taxing jurisdictions). Your online return is subject to the rules and regulations adopted by your local taxing bodies. If an audit of your online return reveals that the calculations used are incorrect for any reason, your return will be adjusted and you will be notified accordingly.

Please be advised that per a court decision passed down on 1/7/13, individuals who have City of Philadelphia Non-resident wage tax withheld may apply the taxes paid as credit against wages earned OUTSIDE the city as well. Refunds will not be issued for Philadelphia wage tax withheld in excess of the taxpayer’s liability. This decision returns the crediting provisions to how they were applied for tax year 2011 and prior.

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